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Molinari Sambuca Caffé is another great liqueur that returns to the Molinari family tradition. A selection of the most noted coffees and Sambuca extra Molinari.

Two decisive flavours which blend harmoniously in a unique and refined liqueur. Molinari Sambuca Caffé is made only with a selection of the best coffees in the world exclusively roasted in Italy and Sambuca extra Molinari. It is one of the first liqueurs ever made by Master Blender „Commendatore“ Angelo Molinari who realised that many Sambuca extra Molinari consumers used to mix it with expresso coffee. At the same time the tradition of the „flies“ was already very successful among Italian consumers, so he decided to mix Sambuca extra Molinari and coffee together.

Molinari Sambuca Caffé has a roasted coffee colour with red and beige hues and a persistent aromatic flavour of coffee, anise and herbs.

It is great if taken with cream and cinnamon powder on top in a shot glass (cappuccino shot). Molinari Sambuca Caffé can be drunk straight at room temperature, cold or with ice. It is great for all coffee based cocktails like Black or White Russians, and could be the magic touch for ice creams, sweets and pastry and particularly Tiramisu.

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