Cantina prosecco Rosé Cuvée

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Aim of the project: To create a sparkling wine that is an unusual nuance of bright pink in colour and enhances new aromas and perceptions of favour in the glass. A versatile wine that goes well with many foods and is an alternative to the classic bubblies.
Area of origin: Grapes coming from vineyards in the “Piave left bank” area, which has an ageold tradition for the cultivation of Raboso grapes.
Grapes: 100% raboso grapes.
Processing: Secondary fermentation with charmat method for minimum of 60 days with constant temperature control between 16-18°C. The product is controlled daily with tasting by the oenologist of the Progettidivini Cellar to check the correct progress of fermentation.
Type: Spumante Extra Dry.
Alcohol content: 11,5 % vol.
Residual sugar: 16 g/l.
Colour: Brilliant deep pink with ruby glints.
Aroma: Red berries, in particular strawberry and raspberry.
Flavour: Agreeably intense, fruity and particularly fragrant. The harmony created by the brilliant colour plus the aroma of red berries makes it highly quaffable and pleasant to drink.
Classic accompaniment: An extremely versatile sparkling wine suitable as an aperitif as well as for accompanying raw shellfish or white meat. Excellent with pasta dishes, but should also be tried in somewhat “unusual” combinations such as with pizza.
Suggestions: A menu with raw scampi and oysters au naturel as a starter followed by a plate of “trofe” pasta pieces with Genoese pesto sauce. Always accompanied by a glass of Progettidivini 4, which must be served at a temperature between 4-6°C. A skewer of strawberries and ripe pineapple to end the meal.
Serving: Serve in a large glass to appreciate to the full the fine perlage and the intense aromas.
Description on wine list: “Progetto4” Rosé Cuvée Spumante Extra Dry.