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Absolut Berlin captures the undeniable coolness of the German capital
When you ponder on the question „What do I love about Berlin?“, you will now definitely have to add another item on this already quite long list: the brand-new Absolut Berlin vodka! It is an event everyone has been waiting for. Finally, the German capital gets the Absolut treatment, just like other spectacular cities such as London, San Francisco and Moscow did before it. They are all part of the limited city series the Swedish vodka brand has been producing since 2007. It was only a matter of time until Berlin would become a part of this league of extraordinary vodkas.

Berlin plus Absolut is a trendy collision many die-hard fans have been waiting for: Absolut Berlin has arrived
There is no other vodka brand as popular as Absolut. Located in Ahus, Sweden, the distillery eagerly produces some of the most unique flavours you can find in the world of vodka. There are no marks for guessing why the brand enjoys the support of a large fan community, especially in the club scene of Berlin. Many die-hard fans don’t sleep a wink when they cannot call one particular vodka variation their own. There are many different flavours and special editions to choose from. The cities edition is one such special category. Fans of the vodka brand had been wondering for quite some time when the moment to introduce Berlin to this category is going to come. Let us tell you: It is now!

Everything about Absolut Berlin’s design screams Berlin
As soon as it was decided to launch Absolut Berlin, there was the question of what this special vodka’s character was going to entail. Absolut Berlin vodka is identical to the brand’s original vodka, which is distilled out of finest winter wheat and fresh spring water. The most remarkable thing about Absolut Berlin is its flawless design. Absolut hired the American artist Zhivago Duncan for the bottle’s layout. The renowned designer has been living in the German capital since 2008, which is why he was perfect for Absolut Berlin. He chose the Fernsehturm Berlin and a colourful combination of stripes to express the unique style of the city. You can order and buy your own bottle of this limited edition at our online shop and taste the distinctive flavour of Berlin!