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Heavy Water

25,00  s DPH

alkohol: 40%
objem: 1,0L
pôvod: Francúzsko

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Katalógové číslo: 1000000550 Kategórie:
GTIN: 7071206504510
MPN: Heavy Water

Heavy Water Vodka is not just another vodka; its authentic and sophisticated. Heavy Water Vodka is Scandinavian. It is made with Scandinavian winter wheat–which is said discovered to make the finest vodka. The water is from a recently-discovered underground lake that was formed during the last ice age. The Swedish government deemed this water exceptionally pure. At PH8 it is also ideal for making vodka. It has already earned six international medals including a best in the world, plus 93 points and a gold medal in the Beverage Testing Institutes 2005 International Review of Spirits. The name was inspired by a small group of Norwegian „“tungtvann““ heroes (known as The Heroes from Telemark) that destroyed the „“heavy water““ nuclear plant in 1943 and change the outcome of World War II.





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